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Encore Series
Next generation permanently installed, fixed systems product from Dranetz. Click here for details.
Wind Plant Monitoring provides monitoring of wind plant performance. Click here for a additional information.
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Electrotek provides software and hardware systems for power monitoring programs. Click here for a additional information.
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Dranetz Encore Series™
Encore Series System is the next generation permanently installed, fixed systems product from Dranetz. Encore Series combines the strengths of pre-existing Dranetz products such as Signature System, 4400/PX5 and MeasuringPad. Key design goals are modularity, strong communications, measurement compliance, built-in intelligence, visualization and legacy product compatibility. Encore Series model 61000 is a modular instrument that allows the user to choose the appropriate modules for their application.

For more information, please visit Dranetz.

Please click here for a demonstration of the Encore Series based monitoring service.

Dranetz 3100 PQPager
The 3100 PQNode (also called the PQPager) is the ideal power quality tool for utility key account programs. It has the unique, patented ability to communicate directly to Account Executives and customers through its built-in voice-mail-like interface. It can also send messages directly to up to 4 pagers, bypassing the traditional bottleneck of a utility master station.

In addition to monitoring 3-phase voltage for Dranetz-grade disturbance information, it also keeps track of two contact closure inputs that can be connected to thermostats, flood switches, customer equipment, or security alarm systems.

Like all PQNodes, the PQPager uses PES software, allowing Power Quality engineers to automatically retrieve waveform signatures of every event for quick, accurate diagnosis. The PQPager conforms to IEEE and IEC standards for classifying and recording disturbances, and is UL, FCC, CE, and ISO-9001 certified.

For more information on the Dranetz 3100 PQPager, please visit Dranetz.

Dranetz 7100 PQNode
The 7100 PQNode monitors power disturbances, power flow, or harmonics. Inexpensive and transportable, the 7100 gets its power directly from the circuit that it's monitoring. Like all members of the PQNode family, it uses PES software for setup and data retrieval.

For more information on the Dranetz 7100 PQNode, please visit Dranetz.

Dranetz 8010/8020 PQNode
The permanently-mounted 8010 PQNode and the transportable 8020 PQNode have identical specifications. Choose an 8010 / 8020 PQNode to compare utility power quality performance to national norms and standards.

For more information on the Dranetz 8010/8020 PQNode, please visit Dranetz.

Dranetz 9010/9020 PQNode
The permanently-mounted 9010 PQNode and the transportable 9020 PQNode have identical specifications. Choose a 9010 / 9020 PQNode when you need the ultimate in performance and flexibility in a power quality instrument.

For more information on the Dranetz 9010/9020 PQNode, please visit Dranetz.

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