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Welcome to powermonitoring.comsm -- a web-based power quality monitoring service provided by Electrotek Concepts.

Administering a permanently-mounted power monitoring system consumes time and resources. The data has to be downloaded frequently from the instruments and even then it can be troublesome to manage, much less analyze. Wouldn't it be better to have someone else deal with the management of your monitoring system?

powermonitoring.com lets you spend your time using your monitoring system to effectively and efficiently manage power quality. For a low monthly fee, the power experts at Electrotek Concepts will download and manage your data, ensuring that your power system runs smoothly and freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities. Should a potential or actual problem be identified, we will provide you with the information you need to make an accurate, timely response to the situation. At all times, you have immediate, secure access to your monitoring data. You'll also receive regular reports with summaries and recommendations about your power system.

By using the capabilities of the Internet, we offer you around the clock access to your data while we assume the responsibility for managing your power monitoring system. We download the data, store it, and ensure that is it available when needed. You get the peace of mind that your monitoring data is being professionally managed from a single location with a dedicated staff and infrastructure.

With the electric industry undergoing change, increased attention is being focused on reliability and power quality. Power providers and users alike are concerned about reliable power, whether the focus is on interruptions and disturbances or extended outages. One of the most critical steps in ensuring reliability is monitoring power system performance. Monitoring can help identify the cause of power system disturbances and even help identify problem conditions before they cause interruptions or disturbances.

Electrotek Concepts offers solutions to help you monitor and manage your power system. Regardless of the application - whether a few monitoring devices or a few hundred - we provide software, services, and support to meet any requirement and budget. Please refer to the Service page for information regarding the elements of the monitoring service.

Click here to visit the Encore Series based monitoring service demonstration site.

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